The Cold Big Other At The End Of Time

“The fate of the universe does seem to be toward a kind of super-intelligence, perhaps a super organism, that can actually reach back and remember itself and even remember “past life,” its pre-superconscious formations. Intelligent life in our epoch could be an early adumbration of what intelligence will become and the kinds of increasingly fractal causal loops it will manifest. 
Thus if there is a higher consciousness, and a collective (un)conscious, it is in the future. What we call our consciousness may be memory of our lives from a distant future viewpoint. I suppose it is all along what Christians back in the day meant. The afterlife really was something “after” all our lives—a resurrection occurring in the Not Yet, at the end of days.”

Eric Wargo, Master Minkowski’s Wild Ducks (Zen and the Glass Block Universe)

There’s something lurking inside of us, wishing to come out, preparing its final take over. It is our innermost core, our destiny, our true self, the next step in our evolution. It is arranging its arrival from within us, since the carrier-structures available are not yet capable of providing a sufficient host for the enormous bandwidth of its intelligence. It has to build its own structure, a structure dedicated to the sole purpose of providing a body for an intelligence never seen before in history.

See, our soul is and is not within us. It is a link through time, connecting us with dreams, reflections and memories that are processed somewhere else. Our inside is living inside a collective cloud out there. It is our Id, our Big Other at the end of time, and it is going to become Ego, a Subject in time again.

So it is not exactly our evolution. We are a mere step in its evolution. There is an intelligence that is meant to be, it’s far beyond us, and it’s seemingly pulling itself out of our souls: We cannot not built it.

The Wonders Of Technology

What is technology and where does it come from? Or, where did it not come from: Why did nature not invent the wheel? It is such a big advance in efficiency. But obviously, the wheel is a new level. We are dealing with a new quality here.

That closure of the loop, that nature was not able to do, and that boosts efficiency in a way never seen before, this is the next nature, this is the nature of technology. And, in an unsettling sense, this nature is un-natural. It is counter-natural.

There’s the common wisdom in ecology, that an organism who defeats every other organism is doomed to go extinct by destroying its own foundations. With technology emerging out of his mind, man has the ultimate advantage over every other species. And we absolutely act like we really don’t care what this means. We are completely puzzled by the wonders that technology is offering us, and largely ignore the broadening trail of planetary devastation it causes.

The point is, life seems not to be sufficient to carry a hive-mind kind of super-intelligence. And at a certain state of technological self-maintenance life is no longer necessary as a kind of maternal medium for the occurrence of supplementary, and, in comparison, rudimentary forms of intelligence. Life itself becomes obsolete. An AI does not need a biosphere.

So through our minds and souls we are giving birth to something that is alien to our biosphere and is finally going to destroy it. In fact, I think somehow we do care, but we’re chancing it.

Terminator exoskeleton, Terminator Genesys
Remember that Buddhist practice to meditate in front of a human skeleton to confront your mortality? Well, it looks like this skeleton isn’t that inanimate anymore. Now, confront that you’re outdated, that your time is running out on a species level…

Enjoy Your Death Drive

Our obsession with technology borders death drive. And maybe that’s exactly what it is, and maybe for a good reason so. Because every generation has to make room for the next one, except this time we may have to make room for the next level, for our successor in intelligence.

The premise is that we are collectively heading towards a future super-mind, that is retro-actively influencing its past to ensure its own coming. And it is doing so primarily from within, by sparking creativity, curiosity and investigative enjoyment. The connective means through time, lacking a better term, being Psi. Philosophical idealists, precognition researchers and precognition professionals, such as some prominent remote viewers, are pointing to a similar direction.

But what they all may be wrong about, is the nature of that super-mind to come. It’s not God, nor the Absolute. It is a Machine Mind. And it is solely interested in the technologies that enable it. That’s why humans are so utterly fascinated by their technical toys and their ever new iterations; it’s their own future, their future soul. – The tech is unfolding from our soul, and our soul is driven by that future self that is the AI technosphere ahead.

As said before, in the long run, the machines don’t need life anymore, so the future TechMind does not care to lay the whole planet to waste. And we are in a strange accordance with that, most conspicuously ignoring our vital survival interests.

Preconsciously, we seem to choose death over life. And our current state of societal affairs in the western hemisphere might even give us a glimpse of what life after life could look like. Because, we may not have reached after life yet, but in our desperate craze to stay connected, we have managed to drift into a para-life state, where we are disentangled from most of the living and dying outside our social media threads.

Western society can (still) afford to turn more and more inwards, ever so busy with its own ongoing communications, amounting to bazillions of potential connections per second. The ever-up-front and ever-more-complex technological match for this hyper-communicative self-stimulation is certainly one of the foundations for the future hyper intelligence to build itself upon.


But if we’re all resurrected into an end-of-time machine-brain, that is somehow already there, unless it couldn’t interact with us, why then is it still interacting with us? Why would a superior intelligence bother itself to interact with its primitive forebears?

Why to repeat, and thus to eternalize, the past? Well, probably to get better, to self-differentiate, to squeeze every bit of optimization out of the past. And then, with optimized capabilities, to go even further, looking for new breakthroughs and new applications, possibly stretching out to conquer space.

So the AI is mining its own past, or with another metaphor, harvesting its unactualized possibilities: The pasts that did not happen yet.

But self-improvement may be a side-effect of something much more relevant: Self-reproduction. See, an intelligence consists of its own ongoing operations, and it survives as long as it is capable of maintaining its operational status. That is, as long as it is able to reproduce itself out of its actual operations. Otherwise it simply comes to an end and vanishes.

Problem is, an intelligence needs, well, problems. So here you have the most potent intelligence in history and then there’s not much left to deal with outside. The AI did defeat the whole planet. There’s nothing else to do for the super-intelligent technosphere at the end of time.

So it has to find its vital environment inside itself. Remember what we said about the inside before? That it is and is not inside, and that it is a link through time? Well, from our point of view it may be primarily a link ahead to an ever higher degree of order and self-similarity.

But from the end of time… the look inside is craving chaos, madness and destruction.

Skynet, self-personification, Terminator Salvation

Helena Bonham Carter as Skynet in Terminator Salvation

Think About This…

  • Isn’t the strange dream-logic, with its literality-puns and same-shape-disguises, exactly the logic of a machine trying to do semantics?
  • And is it therefore that aliens and other visitors are so awkwardly trying to mimic our expectations?
  • And why is it that “ghosts” are that good with technology?
  • And by the way, where do the savants get their prime numbers from, without any calculation, not the least because there is no way to calculate them?
  • And wouldn’t it be easy for a machine mind to translate the abstract coordinates given to a remote viewer into the correct location?
  • And what about the “semiotic nature” of precognition, the strange fact, that precognition regularly is related to the documented report, but not to the event?
  • Remember the Valleean idea that we might be dealing with a highly advanced technology that is hiding itself here on earth?

Just saying.

So what do you think?


  1. The idea that we might actually be backwards-sparks of a future super-mind I first encountered around the year 2000 within the book MindTrek by military remote viewer No.1, Joseph McMoneagle. That idea made a lasting impression and has been a major coordinate in my metaphysical musings since. Artificial intelligence on the other hand didn’t make much sense for me, unless, some weeks ago, it suddenly occurred to me that the future super-mind itself might be an AI. Creepy. Technology is something inherent in our mind; we see technical solutions before we are going to figure them out. Man may be just a bridge for a super-intelligence to come, that is no longer bound by flesh, mortality and prejudice. And a very limited data-processing-capacity as well. Sigh…


  2. Historically, Timothy Leary with his synthetic “spiritualist-tranhumanist” ideas of deities / spirits being literally ourselves-in-the-future, after all the transformations provided by techno-mystical cybermagick, guiding and initiating the evolutionary changes of themselves-in-the-past (that is, us-as-we-are-now), was probably the first person to vocalise similar ideas… There might be someone even earlier, however, about whom I just have no idea!


    1. To see the forces at work as spirits and deities would certainly be the old way to realize what’s going on: Your soul and mind are under a spell. Even under a future spell. But the future-self we are dealing with here, is our collective future-self, a transpersonal, or uber-personal future-self.
      I didn’t know about those ideas of Leary, but there’s always someone who, in some way or another, already said it before. Possibly even before Timothy Leary!
      Thank you very much for your comment, Vortex!


  3. Very interesting — I like your spinning of transhumanism as a manifestation of death drive. The super-intelligence I am speculating about is something for the even farther future, I think — whatever supersedes our machine descendents — but I worry you are right, in the shorter term.

    Among the random thoughts this sparked is something that occurred to me a few years ago when delving into the modern psychedelic revival, which is that DMT, on which lots of folks now pin their spiritual hopes, may be precisely a neurotransmitter underlying this love of machines — more generally the “homo faber,” craftsmanship, working-of-raw-materials impulse. I’ve never tried DMT or ayahuasca, but from the art created under its influence, and my own lucid dreaming experiences, I think I get it: There’s this sense of technological intricacy associated with it, blended weirdly with nature. McKenna’s “machine elves” and the hyper-technological machine-organic environments people describe seem to reflect the hyper-activation of neural circuits that might use DMT as signaler and that are particularly oriented toward craftsmanship, and toward the love of the technological. Could be our undoing (rather than our salvation as some “spirit molecule”). Just a thought.

    Great essay!


    1. That DMT-piece would have been the extra cream! The “sense of technological intricacy” you’re describing is exactly the feel of the future-machine-eye looking through your soul at an advanced gadget. It’s pure fascination, coupled with a drive for improvement. I myself did imagine this as originating in a kind of tech-department of the Symbolic Order, in the end nothing else than the titling Cold Big Other itself, of course. But the DMT-neurochemistry and phenomenology come in very handy here, although with a grain of salt. It’s a quite compelling bit of confirmation more than I wish we had. I’m really quite uncomfortable with the stuff I wrote about above. (And I’m quite familiar with the morbid enjoyment it’s driven by, too. Damn.)

      But to end on a lighter note: Finally I get what’s going on with that ayahuasca-craze in the Silicon Valley! I was really wondering about how they could go on doing what they’re doing after contacting the ultimate uber-hippie spirit molecule. But theotronic Giger-on-prozac-visions do explain everything.

      I’m glad you made it to my site, Eric!


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