Is There A Right Mindset In The Wrong?

I’ve got a list on my smartphone, a list of TV shows I want to remind myself of. Must be really great stuff, and I’m in fear to miss it, not to be in the know what’s going on today. So much talent involved nowadays; great writers, great visual artists, great actors. And I feel somehow guilty for not being able to see all this good stuff.

But you know what? Not anymore.

Last weekend I did manage to binge-watch American Gods on Amazon Prime, but although it was good, sometimes even magic, I feel that I did waste eight hours of quality time, that I’d better invested in the things I really care about.

On the other hand I wanna know what’s going to happen to Dead Wife. So what is it, that 21st century pop culture does to you, and is it worth it?

Is it an atavism to claim that “Late Capitalism” has been perfecting its spell, or that “Culture Industry” did master the art of producing an irresistible Soma?

Does this make the artists involved victims, or even non artists? Does this make the TV shows bad?

Well, I’d say, the artists are playing the role they always did, with the 21st century spin, that critique, even self-critique, is not exactly their job, but is selling even better.

And the TV shows are certainly not bad, potentially even masterpieces, but they are a bad thing nonetheless. They are too good, so to speak. Perfect Soma. It’s so good you always want more.

Is there something wrong with that? No, of course not. Unless you are having higher ambitions than just being perfectly filled up.

It’s not always black and white, though. But maybe sometimes it is. Maybe it’s just me, but I decided to don’t give a fuck any longer.

One possible problem with this is, that culture is in some ways an indicator of what’s going on on a bigger scale. TV is like the dreamlife of the world. Distorted residues of daylife show up in several news formats. Then there’s the whole zeitgeist-layer with all our cultural complexes at work. And beyond that there’s the archetypal realm, that reacts on a deeper level to the other two, which are ultimately reflections of former, or even upcoming, archetypal movements.

Gosh, now I feel guilty of dismissing a valuable resource.

But I’ve never been good with such immediate things anyway. And I’ve got only so much time to do what I’m better at.

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