The Super Natural | Table

“If we were really serious about all of this, we would not speak about a “mental world” influencing or affecting a “material world,” as if these were two different, stable things. We would not speak like this because there is almost certainly only one world, of which our mental and material experiences are two dimensions or modes. This deeper “one world” is why material events can behave like mental events and why mental events look like material events. Because they are. Both have “split off” from a deeper super-reality that is both mental and material, or neither mental nor material, at the same time.”

The Super Natural, c11, p204


Comparativism done right (the future of the past) pp 12-20, 170-173, 197-199, 309-313, 314, 340
Phenomenology – making the cut between what appears and what is pp 43-48, 340
Historical contextualization to get beyond reductionism pp 83-85, 89, 309-313, 340
Hermeneuticscreative loops and the two-way mirror pp 112-120, 340-341
Imagination as a translator between cultural ego and cosmic mind pp 226
Empirical and symbolical imaginal – wild talent and wild vision pp 123-128
Cultures as scripts and stories pp 114-115
Erotics – a depth sociology of what people (don’t) do with each Other pp 151-163, 341
Experience makes a difference pp 164, 167
The traumatic secret – the crack, the trance, and the light pp 209, 218-228, 341-342
Reading and writing as catalysts of paranormal events pp 228-229
Say away certainties – appreciate ambivalence and openness pp 202-205, 270, 341
Energetics – resonance vs distance; altered states of energy & mind pp 121, 167, 274-276, 342
Say again – tell a new story, as a story, in a new, refreshing way pp 202, 307-308, 314-316, 342


Embedded in a larger, living and conscious reality (…of higher order?) pp 1, 37, 94, 209
The super natural we are living in (Of the same order?) pp 2, 41
Super natural phenomena as non/physical (…projections?) pp 29, 116, 190-191, 204
The imaginal as a place where imagination and reality converge pp 204, 283
Evolution/Education through puzzling imaginal events pp 29-31, 35-36, 116, 118-120, 192, 201, 246, 331
The future-human visitor pp 19, 128, 190
Mind as an extended, non-biological presence pp 34-35, 51-52, 262-263, 268
Life as an extended, non-biological presence pp 26, 236, 268
Living, conscious light that is the energy behind everything pp 49, 167, 258, 268-269
The soul/UFO as a living plasma of subtle materiality pp 235-236, 262-263, 269-270
Electromagnetics and the technological component pp 166-167, 190-191, 253
The Human as Two or the mind reducer against the cosmic mind pp 48-51, 56, 70, 72, 78, 97, 191, 203, 217, 219, 225-226, 260
Sex and spirit as two expressions of the same conscious energy pp 154, 160-163, 169, 242
Stories the world tells (us/itself) via paranormal events pp 64, 69, 204-205, 228-229, 304
Reading and writing as the paranormal itself pp 228-229
The living and the dead and the living dead pp 26, 37, 51-54, 243-245, 258-259, 260
Co-creating the Others pp 43, 94-95


Flipping opposites as a model for co-interpretation pp 13-20, 83-84
Flipping opposites as a model for co-creation pp 95, 113-115
Flipping opposites as a model for co-imagination pp 118-120, 123-125


A non-religious approach to the phenomenon (this time) pp 38, 39-40, 42-43, 54-55, 73, 306-307
Tell a new story – a new kind of story – a super story pp 264-266, 307-308, 314-315
Become your own writer – transcend your cultural trance pp 115, 223, 225
A western contact yoga as a new mystical practice pp 173
Have a life worth remembering afterwards pp 243


Mythology as triggered by super natural manifestations of unknown origin pp 289, 292-293, 304, 322

This is as much a data-sorting table, as it is a philosophical questionnaire and a toolbox for further exploration. As a data-sorting table it is a means to get the maximum value out of the very generous idea buffet that Dr Jeff and Mr Strieber are serving. As an inquiry it is trying to collect the implicit and explicit answers to five fundamental philosophical questions that are important for the discourse in the long run. If you don’t display them, it’s not possible to evaluate and to criticize them and thus to get an improved pool of possible answers. And, finally, this collection of ideas provides a toolbox for whatever endeavour you’re up to in the wild lands of the super natural theory production. Or, more precisely, it provides one possible key to the toolbox that is this marvelous book in itself, The Super Natural by Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey Kripal.


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